Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan's The Honest Company likes our Koffie Straws



& Here's a Thumbs up from Dentists  

"I really love this great new way to drink coffee, and not have to worry about the stain, and what could be coming out of those plastic straws. Everyday, patients ask me how they can get and keep their teeth whiter. Even after professional bleaching, teeth get stained again, especially from coffee.
Many patients have told me they use a straw to keep dark colored beverages away from their front teeth, even for red wine!
What better way than with KoffieStraws. I especially like the fact that they can be placed in your dishwasher, and come with a really cool little brush that can be used to clean the inside.
I will be recommending Koffiestraws to anyone that is concerned with keeping their teeth as white as they can be!"

- Paul J. Lawyer, D.M.D.

 selected Koffie Straws for the White House Correspondents Dinner Party VIP SWAG BAG April 2016!

As seen on the Today Show April 2016!

You have beautiful teeth, so keep it that way


NEW YORK April 2016:  http://www.alistdietfit.com/#!The-Healthy-Brand-Showcase-is-back-for-2016/cui8/570a71d40cf2e66d0249f599