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As seen in WHMag2017Jan/Feb 2017

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 selected Koffie Straws for the White House Correspondents Dinner Party VIP SWAG BAG April 2016!

As seen on the Today Show April 2016! 

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The Koffie Straw will keep your teeth sparkling white

Our Koffie Straws are made from 100% FDA approved silicone.  They are safe under high temperatures and will give you comfort knowing that you are drinking your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate the safest way possible.
Koffie Straws are fully reusable and dishwasher friendly.  Now you can reduce your plastic footprint and cut our planet a break.



Oval shape fits your To-Go cup

This straw is a coffee lover's dream

The Koffie Straw's patent-pending oval shape design allows it to fit easily into any To-Go coffee cup.  Of course you can also use it at home in your coffee mug.
We crafted our silicone to be firm enough to handle the heat from a hot beverage, yet soft enough to be gentle on your teeth.  You can bite as much as you want on the straw to control the flow of how fast (or slow) you drink up.
At 7" long, they will fit any small or medium sized To-Go cups.  They will generally fit up to 16oz cups.  **NEW KoffieStraw Tall now available**