Love Your Smile!

You have beautiful teeth, so keep it that way

We invented a stylish secret weapon to protect your pearly whites from coffee stains

You are a coffee lover and you shouldn't be ashamed.  The only downside to your serial coffee consumption is the constant contact between coffee and your front teeth.  Plain and simple, coffee gradually causes yellowing of your teeth.  
It doesn't take long before you are left helplessly scouring the "Dental Accessories" isle of your local drugstore, searching for the latest 'teeth whitener' to bring your smile back to its glorious excellence.
But teeth whitening gels are only a temporary solution.  In a few months, you go back to the drugstore and repeat the process.  With each use, they can break down your enamel and cause painful tooth sensitivity.  And do you really want to ingest the chemicals in these whiteners?  We certainly don't.  
So we took a stand against artificial whitening and set out in search of a natural solution.



You will never drink coffee the same way again

We even included a free cleaning brush

Order your Koffie Straw today and start drinking the smart way.  Your friends and family will immediately be interested in where you found this amazing new straw.  Don't give away your secret too easily.  
Make them buy you your favorite coffee in exchange for the inside info.  You deserve it.


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