KoffieStraw - Your New Favorite Reusable Straw

Welcome to KoffieStraw - the reusable silicone straw that's not just for coffee! Our versatile straws are perfect for sipping on all your favorite beverages, whether it's tea, hot chocolate, wine, or any other drink that tickles your taste buds.

But KoffieStraw isn't just a pretty straw - it's also environmentally friendly, dishwasher safe, and dentist recommended! Not only does it help prevent those pesky coffee stains on your teeth, but it's also kid-approved - children love using KoffieStraw for their favorite drinks.

Travel a lot? That's perfect - you can take our straws with you wherever you go, as they fit in ALL travel to-go cups. And if you need a straw that's a little bit shorter or longer, no problem! KoffieStraw can be easily cut to customize the size.

At KoffieStraw, we believe in offering options. That's why we offer our reusable silicone straws in a range of colors and sizes, from bright and bold to sleek and subtle.

But it doesn't stop there - for businesses looking to make a statement, we offer private labeling services. We'll customize your straws with your company's colors and logo, so your customers can take your brand with them wherever they go. Our private labeling services are perfect for cafes, dental offices, restaurants, and other businesses looking to make a splash. We even do private labeling for events such as wedding. Hit the contact us button at the bottom of the page to learn more!

We're a family-owned business that's passionate about creating sustainable solutions for everyday use. By choosing KoffieStraw, you're not only reducing your environmental footprint, but you're also supporting a small business that cares about making a positive impact on the planet.

Does the name KoffieStraw sound familiar? It should! We're proud to have been featured in a number of notable media outlets, including The Today Show, Money Magazine, and Women's Health. We've also been endorsed by Shark Daymond John - a testament to the quality and innovation of our product. If you're curious to learn more about our media coverage, be sure to check out our Press section for all the latest news and updates. Help us spread the word about KoffieStraw and our commitment to sustainability - together, we can make a real difference and help save our planet!

So go ahead and sip in style with KoffieStraw - the reusable straw that's both practical and playful. Want to put your KoffieStraw to the test? Try using it for every beverage imaginable - from coffee, tea, hot cocoa, wine, to even your kid's favorite sippy straw! And don't forget to share your #KoffieStraw photos with us - we love to see how our customers are using their KoffieStraws. Who knows, maybe one day we'll make it into the record books for the most versatile straw ever. Thanks for joining us in our mission to reduce single-use plastics - together, we can make a difference!