Family Roots

We are a family who wanted to solve a problem.Coming from a large family with eight children, taught me to earn what you want; and once accomplished. For me, that was being able to afford braces at age 19. After 4 years of paying for my smile, I wanted to keep my smile-investment in tip-top shape. So, as my love for coffee grew, I started using straws to protect my teeth from stains. It seemed simple and logical enough.
One day my simple solution came to a screeching halt as I (finally) paid attention to what was clearly written on a straw wrapper: “not for use in hot beverages” (!) . There is a when a simple straw has a usage warning. (bpa, lead, and other things I shouldn’t need to worry about when enjoying my coffee). I tried a metal straw but I kept thinking I’m going to chip my teeth while trying to avoid staining them! Not to mention the metal tasting coffee & the heat traveling up the straw feels like you’re burning your lips. That was a short-lived solution. I took notice to others and their similar use of plastic straws in their hot coffee. I wasn’t alone wanting to prevent stains. And it seems others also didn’t read the wrapper to understand what the trade-off could be when using plastic in a hot beverage.I searched for ‘the alternative’; a non-toxic product that met the reason why so many people use straws (soft, flexible, & passes the front teeth). I landed on needing a silicone straw. Silicone is known to tolerate extreme cold and hot temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Currently, silicone straws are marketed towards frozen drinks. That said, these silicone straws on the market are usually quite larger in diameter than an average straw. With milkshake-sized silicone straws, I was flooding my mouth with coffee; and defeating the purpose of the straw. I also couldn’t fit them in my to-go cup lid.

Our business is growing quickly, but we still make every effort to personally respond to your questions. So if you have something you want to ask, just ask! If you are a coffee lover, then we consider you part of our family.

BUSINESS ARTICLE: Koffie Straw at Pennsylvania Women's Conference with QVC http://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2015/11/20/pa-conference-women-qvc-shark-tank.html



"I really love this great new way to drink coffee, and not have to worry about the stain, and what could be coming out of those plastic straws. Everyday, patients ask me how they can get and keep their teeth whiter. Even after professional bleaching, teeth get stained again, especially from coffee.Many patients have told me they use a straw to keep dark colored beverages away from their front teeth, even for red wine!What better way than with KoffieStraws. I especially like the fact that they can be placed in your dishwasher, and come with a really cool little brush that can be used to clean the inside.I will be recommending Koffiestraws to anyone that is concerned with keeping their teeth as white as they can be!"
- Paul J. Lawyer, D.M.D.