Introducing Koffie Straws

Join others protecting their health & their teeth with a simple purchase!

Unique design controls the flow and angles it behind your teeth.  *Patent Pending

Did you know?
Plastic straws are made with chemical toxins that will leach into your drinks!  Just read their wrappers and you'll see the warnings: "Do not use in hot liquids".   

Use ****KOFFIE STRAWS**** for a safe / non-toxic way to drink through a straw and protect your teeth too!!

  • Koffie Straws are safe for hot liquids & acidic drinks!
  • Koffie Straws are non-toxic (free of BPA and other stuff that you can’t pronounce and shouldn’t put in your mouth)
  • Koffie Straws protect your teeth from weakened enamel & stains (coffee, tea, lemon & other acidic drinks can ruin your teeth)
  • Koffie Straws protect your health by being made of quality silicone that does not degrade with hot or acidic liquids
  • Koffie Straws are Dishwasher safe and come with their own cleaning brush
  • Koffie Straws fit easily into the lids of To-Go and Coffee Shop cups
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