Custom Drinking Straw for Hot Liquids, reusable & safe 100% Silicone 

Join others protecting their health and their teeth with a simple purchase! 

Fact: Passing liquid through plastic straws can leach chemicals into the liquid. Heated liquid increases these toxic effects.

Fact: Acidic drinks ruin your tooth enamel & can stain your teeth

Did you know? Plastic straws are made with chemical toxins that will degrade & leach into your drinks!  Just read their wrappers and you'll see their warnings: "Do not use in hot liquids". 

SolutionUse *KoffieStraws* a safe non-toxic way to drink any liquid through a straw and protect your teeth too!!

  • Koffie Straws have a comfortable & angled design that smoothly carries the flow of liquid behind your teeth.*Patent-Pending
  • Koffie Straws are safe for hot or acidic liquids!
  • Koffie Straws protect your teeth from stains (coffee, tea, lemonades & other acidic drinks can ruin your teeth)
  • Koffie Straws protect your health, 100% Silicone.  Non-toxic (free of BPA & other stuff that you can’t pronounce & shouldn’t put in your mouth)
  • Koffie Straws are dishwasher safe and come with their own cleaning brush
  • Koffie Straws fit easily into the lids of To-Go & coffee shop cups


We are here because of you!  Like you, we knew that we wanted a better way to drink our coffee, our teas, our lemonades. 

Dentist recommended:

I really love this great new way to drink coffee, and not have to worry about the stain, and what could be coming out of those plastic straws. Everyday, patients ask me how they can get and keep their teeth whiter. Even after professional bleaching, teeth get stained again, especially from coffee. Many patients have told me they use a straw to keep dark colored beverages away from their front teeth, even for red wine! What better way than with Koffie Straw. I especially like the fact that they can be placed in your dishwasher, and come with a really cool little brush that can be used to clean the inside. I will be recommending Koffie Straw to anyone that is concerned with keeping their teeth as white as they can be!

Paul J. Lawyer,  D.M.D

Koffie Straw surveyed consumers and sampled everything on the market today, nothing else compared!  We created the best consumer product to meet the goal of protecting our health and teeth, while bringing style along for the ride = )

We are confident that our Designers got it right.  

  • Our trendy styled straw looks great & and has been custom designed to comfortably direct the liquid flow behind your teeth
  • Easily fits in To-Go lids & coffee shop cups
  • Seasonal styles are in the works to add to your Koffie Straw collection!